Recreational Soccer Program

The Soccer Association of Homer will have 10 weeks of our popular recreational league in 2014 from May 27-August 9 with one week off during the week of July 4th. Every Tuesday is for instruction, drills and scrimmage and Wednesday and Thursday for intraleague games.

This year, we are going to try something new-and what most other clubs are doing. Once Coach Jorge has gotten to know the kids and watched them play for the first week, each player will be assigned to a small sided team! We are hoping this will make the program more fun for the kids. As always, we will appreciate your feedback, especially as we move into this new structure. Please call Lisa at 399-1933 with questions/concerns, and have a great summer of soccer!

Location: TBA

The recreational times:


6-8 year olds 1-2:15 PM

8-10 year olds 2:15-3:30 PM

10-12 year olds 3:45-5 PM

Wednesday and THursday--Games/Scrimmages

6-10 year olds 1-2:30 pm

10-12 year olds 3-4:30

Fees for the 10 week summer are $100. REGISTRATION IS ON-LINE ONLY.

Location: TBA