Summer Soccer Camp Program

2018 will be our Best Soccer Season Ever

We have 5 amazing coaches again this year.

We have amazing players.

The 2018 Homer Soccer program includes five, 2-week soccer camps with some of the best coaches in the country. Check out the schedule below. We built the schedule that many of you requested, so check it out. We also created a variable price structure to fit the needs of families wanting more soccer time with our new, awesome coaches. *

This year we are trying to field a U10/U9 team. If you want to volunteer to coach a different age group, drop us an email!

Coaches: We have five awesome coaches again this year! Coaches Cloud, Diaz and Irwin are joined by Coaches Duffield and DeGroot. They all have tons of coaching and playing experience with many of the best teams and associations in the US. It's going to be a blast of fun learning!

Practice Times:

6-9 yrs:Monday, Wednesday, Friday11:30AM-12:45PM

10-13 yrs: Monday through Friday 1:45PM-3:15PM

14-17 yrs: Monday through Friday 3:30PM - 6:PM

Location: Homer High School turf field. Some sessions will be moved to the field above the turf as necessary to accomodate random desires of the high school.

Cost: You have options this year. The first three camps (total of six full weeks of soccer) is called the Basic Package. If you want all five camps (10 weeks of soccer fun!), check out The Works.

6-9 year olds:

  • Basic Package (first 6 weeks): $150.00
  • The Works (all 10 weeks): $185.00

10-13 year olds:

  • Basic Package (first 6 weeks): $180.00
  • The Works (all 10 weeks): $225.00

14-17 year olds:

  • Basic Package (first 6 weeks): $205.00
  • The Works (all 10 weeks): $250.00

*Anyone needing financial help, please get in touch with us. We have scholarships to help if you have a burning desire to play soccer but lack resources. We won't let that stop your kid from playing!